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Make Money: 9 Unconventional Ways to Supplement Your Income

We found 9 clever and unconventional ways of earning money and supplementing income without the traditional part-time job.

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Clever Ways of Earning Money and Supplementing Income

Babysitter or Caregiver

Love people, seniors, children and pets? This could be an opportunity to earn extra income. Care.com connects caregivers with those who need caring on a permanent, temporary or unexpected emergency. Caregivers go through a background check and provide references.

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Dog Lovers

Dog lovers know it’s hard to see their beloved pet boarded up in a kennel. DogVacay connects dog lovers with dog owners while away on a business trip or vacation. Setup an account and start hosting dogs at home.

College Students

College students can earn extra cash sharing their insights with prospective college students through Unigo. Get paid to talk to have a conversation and help another future college student decide on the best school to attend.


Have an overflowing closet fill with high fashion or brand name clothing? Make extra cash and sell them to others who share your style. Poshmark is a marketplace to buy and sell clothing right from your closet. Take photos with your phone, upload and start making cash from your unused belongings.

Part-Time and Anytime Work

Use your free time to help people and companies perform tasks. TaskRabbit connects task doers with those seeking to get things done. There is a three-step process to confirm the task-doer credentials including an online video interview. Tasks can be anything from internet research, picking up groceries to help putting up IKEA furniture.

Lend your Money to Others

If you have a big tolerance for risk and an investor, you can look into LendingClub. Lending club is a crowd-lending or a peer-to-peer lending company that make it possible for people to lend small amounts of money to loan applicants. You could potential earn a bigger return compared to traditional savings rates. I’ve used LendingClub since 2010 and have found their interface simple, customer service excellent and a great alternative to traditional financing.

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Boat Owners

BoatBound, an Airbnb for boats. Airbnb let’s you rent your home or additional room to others for cash. For boat owners, you can earn some income to help pay for those expensive maintenance and docking fees.

Professional Expertise

  1. Love to cook for others? You might want to check out KitchenSurfing or Kitchit.
  2. Enjoy your city and like sharing its uniqueness with visitors? Become a guide through Vayable.
  3. If you’re an artist, programmer or any other individual who possess a talent you can make money providing your services to individuals and companies seeking to contract jobs. I’ve personally used oDesk.com for programming and artwork needs for various projects.
  4. Can you make a good impersonation of someone? Check out Fiverr and see if you can earn income doing small odd jobs for $5.

What are some other ways you can profit from the share economy?

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