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About The Smile Lifestyle

The Smile Lifestyle

A few years ago, I founded Phroogal with a mission to empower a generation to live their dreams through financial knowledge. As Phroogal evolves to solve specific personal finance problems, it made sense to create a new space where our community can continue to share, and explore different ways to build the life of their dreams.

The Smile Lifestyle began as the name of the Phroogal blog but has now become a movement.

In this journey, I’ve met thousands of amazing people who are working towards or living their dreams today. They are not making excuses or blaming others. They have taken responsibility for their mistakes and misjudgments. They are making better financial decisions to improve their life and choosing better options to achieve their goals.

They embody my Smile Philosophy – having clarity of their values and a vision for their life – that empowers them to live their dream lifestyle in this lifetime.

The Smile Lifestyle is a collection of personal essays, articles and stories that are meant to educate, inspire and motivate you into action. You only live once, as our generation once exude as a mantra, make sure you define what “living once” means to you.

Let The Smile Lifestyle guide you into living a more purposeful life.

Smile, Jason

A Bit of History

Jason Vitug, a NJ native and Silicon Valley transplant, left his senior executive job with a $120 million financial institution on January of 2012. After leaving he decided to “live life” and do a bit of traveling. The journey took him through 20 countries in 12 months in 2012. On his 6th country, Jason was sitting on top of an 8th century temple staring at thousands of temples, pagodas and stupas off on the horizon.

It was then he said to himself,

“I’m living my dream. Why am I the only one here?”

Jason Vitug in Bagan Myanmar
Jason Vitug in Bagan, Myanmar

Jason didn’t grow up with money and had his fair share of financial troubles. In fact, he had a horrible relationship with money and was on a continuous financial roller coaster ride, making six figures yet still living paycheck to paycheck. He was able to break the cycle after addressing his money mindset and cultivating better habits that enabled him to leave his job and explore the world.

Jason believes:

  • Knowledge is power. And, financial knowledge is life changing.
  • Everyone should have a vision for their life and set goals according to that vision.
  • It’s never about the size of the paycheck, but how that paycheck is used.
  • Money can buy the necessities but it will never buy your happiness.
  • Choose experiences over things, each and every time.
  • Manage your time by investing not spending your money.

In 2013, Jason began the next stage of his life to impact more lives through Phroogal.

What is Phroogal?

Financial illiteracy is a big issue in America and many programs are aimed to improve the financial wellbeing of millions of Americans. But, why hasn’t financial education made a bigger impact? The problem is that programs and products do not address the way people learn money behaviors – through social interactions and just in time education. 

Phroogal is answers and access to financial knowledge, connecting you to information and financial resources. Phroogal’s vision is to help you live a wealthy and purposeful life.