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Credit Reports and Scores

The Top 5 Credit Report Monitoring Tools

We often get a ton of questions on credit reports and credit scores. That conversation leads to credit report monitoring tools. There are many to choose from. Some are free while others require a paid monthly subscription plan. Free Credit Report Monitoring Services Credit Karma  Credit Karma is a free …

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The Anatomy of a Credit Score

Customers ask us all the time questions like, “What does my credit score represent?” and “How is it determined?” To many consumers, credit scores (and the many credit scoring systems) remain a mystery and they are don’t know what their credit score is, how they can improve or damage that …

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The First Time I Got Hacked Online

With the recent news of the Heartbleed Bug and my first instance of fraud, I’ve really thought about the possible consequences of having my online accounts hacked recently. It dawned on me that I at some point in time, I have put really important information of mine on the Internet, …

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