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Don’t Make These Credit Card Mistakes

About 63 percent of those under 30 years of age don’t have a credit card. That’s compared with just 35 percent of those over 30 who’ve chosen to opt out of the credit game. Those who do have credit cards run into trouble paying their bills.  Many millennials are cutting …

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5 Things You Need To Ask About Your Credit Cards

In the credit card world, it’s a buyer’s market. Credit card company after credit card company is trying to get anyone’s business who will agree to their terms. As luck would have it, this high level of competition means that almost anyone (if not everyone) can get a credit card. …

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Prosper Versus Lending Club: What's the Difference?

Prosper VS Lending Club As I dug further and further into investing, I started to really take note of peer to peer lending services. There seems to be a stigma around the peer to peer lending industry as it’s not as regulated as other investment vehicles like stocks and bonds. Nonetheless, …

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Which Credit Card is Right for Your Wallet?

You might think it doesn’t matter which type of credit card you carry in your wallet, but most credit cards cater to a particular spender. The credit card you choose can say a lot about your spending habits, and choosing the wrong credit card can be financially detrimental. It’s no …

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6 of the Most Common Overlooked Credit Card Perks

The Perks of Credit Cards Explained Money experts often recommend getting a credit card if you need to establish or rebuild your credit history. Since banks that issue credit cards report to the credit bureaus on a regular basis, paying your bills on time and keeping debts low can add positive information …

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