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How to Beat Post-Holiday Financial Debt

An American Research Group survey of 1,100 adults between November 17 and November 20, 2015 found that the average person plans to spend about $882 during the 2015 holiday shopping season, about two percent more than the 2014 survey. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, consumers give their credit cards and bank …

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The Debt Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

The following is  a post by Anum Yoon of CurrentonCurrency.com. Enjoy! It has happened to many recent college graduates. They land a great job. They have a promising career ahead of them. All roads lead to a fantastic future. And then reality hits. They recognize they are saddled with $50,000 …

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Money Journey: Avoiding Student Loans

How I Avoided Taking Out a Huge Amount of Student Loans When I graduated from college in spring 2012, I felt very fortunate compared to many of my college classmates. Not only did I have a decent-paying job all lined up, I also graduated with only about $8,000 worth of …

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Stop Paying Crazy Interest on Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can seem like an overbearing force weighing down your finances. Unlike mortgages or student loans, credit card debt is undoubtedly considered the “bad” debt. With high interest rates, credit card debt can be costly — both to your credit and your finances. But even with high interest …

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Money Lessons From NFL Players Who Have Gone Bankrupt

The NFL is the most popular and profitable league in the history of American sports. It is the most watched TV show on 5 networks, brings in billions of dollars in revenue and enjoys such popularity that not even this past season, which was marred with domestic abuse incidents and …

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Could You Save Thousands On Your Student Loans?

Student loan debt is nearly at epidemic levels right now. It seems like everyone has a story about how student loans are affecting their life. According to the Project on Student Debt, as of 2013, 69% of students graduated with student loans, with an average $28,400 balance. That’s a huge …

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