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How Much Will a Well-Insulated House Save You?

A new type of prefabricated “stackable apartments” are being built to help curb the problem of homelessness. In addition to being made with renewable materials, these apartments boast the latest in energy-efficient design. How energy efficient? The special insulated walls are so powerful that the apartments don’t need any extra …

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15 Affordable Cities for Settling Down

The following is  a post by Anum Yoon of CurrentonCurrency.com. Enjoy! Whether you want cloud-grazing skyscrapers, sun-soaked prairies or picket-fenced suburbs, you can find it all in the United States. That’s what makes it so hard to decide where you should settle down within our sprawling country. Perhaps the biggest …

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Decluttering

Cutting down on clutter helps you stress less and save money. It’s a rewarding process, if it’s done right. Done wrong, decluttering becomes a futile effort that only increases your stress and wastes money. To make the most of your decluttering efforts, avoid these 7 mistakes: 1. Taking an “All …

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