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This Is How You Never Deplete Your Emergency Fund

According to a recent survey, “approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% don’t even have a savings account.” The reasons vary. Some people feel they can’t afford to save, whereas others downplay the importance of saving or put it off until later. But …

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9 Uplifting Signs of Financial Stability

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about financial stability.  They either want to achieve it…  or they fear it’s unattainable. Personally, I feel it’s within reach, although I don’t think it’s something we  can achieve quickly. But before we go any further, you might wonder: what is financial stability? I did a search to see how …

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9 Ways Life is Better With an Emergency Fund

I recently read that nearly half of Americans don’t have $500 in an emergency fund for an unexpected expense. This isn’t a surprise given the high cost of living. But even if you can’t afford to save 10% of your salary every month, saving something is better than nothing. Some …

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Manage Money: Should you pay yourself first?

Here is a horrifying truth…no one will save money for you. Ok, maybe you are one of the lucky few that had a family or loved one save money for you. If you aren’t saving money for yourself, than who is? If the answer is the government or your employer …

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Ways to Save: 52 Weeks of Savings

The following is a guest post from Kayla. There are lots of ways to start saving money, from paying yourself first to saving what’s left at the end of the week or month. But, there’s no right way for everyone to start saving money. Everyone is different. The biggest thing …

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