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15 Affordable Cities for Settling Down

The following is  a post by Anum Yoon of CurrentonCurrency.com. Enjoy! Whether you want cloud-grazing skyscrapers, sun-soaked prairies or picket-fenced suburbs, you can find it all in the United States. That’s what makes it so hard to decide where you should settle down within our sprawling country. Perhaps the biggest …

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How to Appeal Your Property Tax Bill and Save

You’re probably paying more in property taxes than you should. You might be wondering why property taxes have not dropped along with the value of your home. Well, that’s because many local governments continue to depend on these tax revenues and it could be years between re-assessments. Unless, you request …

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Self-Employed and Buying a House? Watch the Write-Offs.

Self-employment offers a measure of freedom. You can set your own hours, work at your own pace, and control your income. But if you’re thinking about buying a house, self-employment might be the thing that stands in your way of ownership. I learned this the hard way eight years ago when …

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Taxes: Your Year in Financial Milestones

After seeing pictures of my friend about to have her third child, a post asking about best places to find a home and a tweet on celebrating for a new job. It reminded me how one year can bring about a lot of changes for so many people. All those …

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