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How to Stay Marketable in a Tough Job Market

Good news for the economy: The unemployment rate has dipped to 4.9 percent. That is an eight-year low. It means a lot of folks have gone back to work and are plugging away in new careers. It could also be an indication that the prospects for your new career path …

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Volunteering and Its Surprising Benefits

Volunteering is a charitable contribution that gives you a chance to help others. But that doesn’t mean it only helps others — sometimes it can help you too! Volunteering wouldn’t be nearly as widespread if it was a purely philanthropic exercise. What kind of benefits can you get from it? …

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4 Ways to Mix Pleasure Into Your Business Trip

Having any reason to travel is an opportunity for an exciting and potentially new experience. Whether you’re cruising the Mediterranean, hitting Museum Mile in New York City, or checking out the best diner in Kansas City, traveling always brings you to new places, even if it’s to somewhere you’ve been …

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Don't Buy These Nine Items on Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner and you might be plotting your strategy for the biggest shopping day of the year.  Many retailers will offer significant discounts on everything from clothes to household goods. You might be surprised to learn that some items aren’t worth buying on Black Friday. This doesn’t mean …

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Fast and Easy Airport Travel Hacks

I’m writing this while waiting to board my flight from NYC to Charlotte, NC. I just finished eating a delicious all-natural peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat which I made earlier today. It’s cheaper (and not to mention healthier) than eating airport food. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to take …

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6 Hacks To Help You Save Money at the Airport

Airport or shopping mall? Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to tell the difference these days? Let’s learn how to save money at the airport. Once you finally make it past security, you put on your shoes, heave a sigh of relief and look around. There are jewelry stores, …

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