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The Best Frugal and Fun Winter Activities

For most parts of the country, this winter has been a brutal cold and snowy season. Although Spring is within sight, it doesn’t seem at all comforting when we’re still battling the below zero temperature. You don’t have to let winter get you down and make you a recluse until …

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8 Ways to Save Money at the Movie Theaters

I love movies. My tastes for movies run the spectrum from big special effects blockbusters to documentaries. I used to go to the movies once a week and sometimes even twice. There is nothing like sitting in a dark cool theater, chomping away on my large popcorn bucket, while watching …

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Celebrities Are Phroogal Too

Usually, the Phroogal blog is full of tips, personal stories, and motivation for our subscribers to make use of. Managing your personal finances is an extremely important thing that everyone should know how to do. So, for a change, we are bringing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars into this article. …

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