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Volunteering and Its Surprising Benefits

Volunteering is a charitable contribution that gives you a chance to help others. But that doesn’t mean it only helps others — sometimes it can help you too! Volunteering wouldn’t be nearly as widespread if it was a purely philanthropic exercise. What kind of benefits can you get from it? …

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10 Ways to Save Money When You Have Pets

Pets are wonderful companions and beloved additions to your family. But like any new addition, they come with additional costs. Luckily you don’t have to break the bank paying for your pet’s care. Nor do you have to sacrifice your pet’s well-being for the sake of savings. Instead, here are …

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Casinos and Your Money. Where do you stand?

A couple years ago, a client called me to share she just won money. She was leaving a casino and decided to put $20 into a slot machine. A few minutes later the lights illuminated and bells rang. She just won $4,000. It’s a story like this that fuels our …

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Community Service: 4 Ways to Volunteer and Enrich Your Life

The overall theme of my stream of recent posts on Phroogal is taking proactive steps for a sustainable future. My first post pertained to personal finance and budgeting, the second post to networking, and this post will convey the benefits and importance of community service involvement.  Yes, community service might …

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