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The Debt Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

The following is  a post by Anum Yoon of CurrentonCurrency.com. Enjoy! It has happened to many recent college graduates. They land a great job. They have a promising career ahead of them. All roads lead to a fantastic future. And then reality hits. They recognize they are saddled with $50,000 …

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Manage Debt: A review of Payoff.com

According to NerdWallet, the average US Household credit card debt stands at $15,611 as of December 2014. In total, American’s owe $882.6 billion in credit card debt so if you’re carrying a credit card balance you are not alone. Debt is a ball-and-chain and once it’s shackled seems very difficult …

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Debts You Shouldn't Fear, and Why.

Some people don’t realize the damaging effects of debt. In their minds, it’s a part of life. If they owe several thousands of dollars on a credit card — it’s no big deal. However, debt can be the kiss of death. If you think I’m exaggerating, try applying for a mortgage with a …

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Debt Snowball Revisited: How Small Victories Lead to Huge Rewards

Let’s face it, the world runs on debt. Families use it to buy houses, governments build it to fund bloated social welfare programs, corporations take it on grow new business segments. Without the ability to control money that isn’t rightfully ours, the entire universe as we know it would seize up in a matter of …

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