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How Much Will a Well-Insulated House Save You?

A new type of prefabricated “stackable apartments” are being built to help curb the problem of homelessness. In addition to being made with renewable materials, these apartments boast the latest in energy-efficient design. How energy efficient? The special insulated walls are so powerful that the apartments don’t need any extra …

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How To Cut Household Expenses

There will be points in your life where you feel like even getting by is a struggle – let alone actually saving some money in a bank or portfolio. More often than not, just your basic living expenses might be what’s eating into your bank account. If you’re feeling the …

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How to Appeal Your Property Tax Bill and Save

You’re probably paying more in property taxes than you should. You might be wondering why property taxes have not dropped along with the value of your home. Well, that’s because many local governments continue to depend on these tax revenues and it could be years between re-assessments. Unless, you request …

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To Buy, or Not to Buy… That is the Question

Well, the question really has to do with buying vs. renting… and the answer is not always so simple. Many are faced with this question at a turning point in their lives, though it seems the query is more often addressed by those who chose to dwell in cities. As …

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10 Affordable Tips for a Safe and Sound Home

There is little that is more important than feeling secure in your own home. While we can only control a small bit of the world around us, here’s some basic information to keep a home safe. The goal of securing your home is two-fold: protecting your possessions, but also protecting …

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