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What You Can Do With Your Non-Winning Lottery Tickets

I have a confession to make. I’ve purchased a Powerball lottery ticket. Maybe it was the hype of the Powerball jackpot that filled my Facebook wall, Twitter tweets and every other media outlet. I felt pressured. Okay, I was swept up in the dream. The problem with lottery tickets is that …

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What Does Retirement Really Mean To You?

I’ve been working on a seminar and reflecting on the very idea of “living life.” We are taught that retirement is some future date and we should save enough before we reach that age. So, we do what financial experts say and save a portion of our pay today to …

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10 Great Date Night Ideas Pt 1.

I know I’m not alone in proclaiming this, but I love myself a good date night! With my boyfriend living so far away, we see each other a lot more than other LDR couples and for that I am insanely grateful. Still, I love it when we plan a great …

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You Only Live Once: YOLO on a Budget

Budgeting with the YOLO Mindset I’ve written about budgeting a number of times. You’ve also probably have read dozens of articles and blog posts on how important budgeting is to financial well-being. I completely agree that budgeting is the single most effective tool in managing money that support lifestyle choices …

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3 Financial Tips for Young Professionals

Becoming a member of the real world is both an exciting and scary time for young adults. It’s the first time in your life you are given a ton of responsibility and have to be really proactive with several aspects of your life. From taxes to rent to budgeting, it …

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Why Your Friend is a Millionaire and You're Not – Part I

One of your friends is a millionaire. Can you figure out who among your social network is worth $1 million? Since, I’ve openly began talking about money and personal finance among my group of friends, many have shared their financial highlights and burdens. It’s given me a deeper perspective of …

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