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How to Organize Your Finances Like an Adult

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone who’s reached adulthood is managing finances. That’s because the effort cuts across specialties. A good financial manager is part secretary, part mathematician, part accountant, part forecaster, and part stress manager. It all seems a bit overwhelming for those of us who want to …

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Fall Purging: Throw a Killer Yard Sale

Before you batten down the hatches for a winter-long hibernation, decluttering and organizing your home will help ease stress and make the season go more smoothly. Packing away summer clothes and sandals, beach toys and sunscreen is a good start but before you stow it away, ask yourself if you …

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6 Hacks To Help You Save Money at the Airport

Airport or shopping mall? Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to tell the difference these days? Let’s learn how to save money at the airport. Once you finally make it past security, you put on your shoes, heave a sigh of relief and look around. There are jewelry stores, …

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5 Personal Finance Rules You Might Have to Break

To improve your personal finances, you can talk with a financial planner, read money blogs or get advice from financially savvy friends. And as you read or speak with individuals, you might recognize some common money beliefs — in fact, you might get the same basic advice. The truth of …

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5 Common Personal Finance Tips Explained

I’ve been out on the road doing a bunch of seminars from schools to church groups to meeting with employees. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve said the same seminar close to a dozen times and there are certain phrases that raise eyebrows each and every time. I decided …

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The 5 Most Basic Finance Tips for Millennials

Being a millennial, you are surrounded by older adults who want to tell you what is best for you and your financial situation. The truth is some personal finance advice survives the test of time regardless of what age you’re in. Here are my 5 most basic finance tips for millennials! Be …

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