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Manage Debt: A review of Payoff.com

According to NerdWallet, the average US Household credit card debt stands at $15,611 as of December 2014. In total, American’s owe $882.6 billion in credit card debt so if you’re carrying a credit card balance you are not alone. Debt is a ball-and-chain and once it’s shackled seems very difficult …

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Banking: Moven Review

Moven Review Moven App Review Throughout the past year or more, I’ve been taking a detailed look at money management app after money management app. I’ve looked at investing apps, online banking apps, budgeting apps and more. However, I’ve never come across anything like Moven. I would have to place …

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Manage Debt: A review of ReadyforZero

Being debt-free may seem like a childhood dream or maybe that’s the only time in our lives we didn’t have any actual debt. But, for ReadyforZero, they’ve taken the approach of helping us reach zero debt sooner. I for one is a big fan of simple dashboards that serve to …

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Manage Money: A review of SaveUp

There is a growing trend of web applications that reward you for making smart financial decisions like paying off your debt or saving money. Today, I review SaveUp who has a unique approach of incentivizing personal financial management. It’s a combing our need for financial responsibility and our lottery mentality. …

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Manage Money: A review of Mint.com

I first learned of Mint.com back in 2008 and signed up around December of that year. I haven’t been an active user since my credit union began offering a similar service through online banking. I do, however, log into Mint once every other month just to check out any cool …

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Manage Money: A review of Manilla.com

  Update (May 21, 2014): Manilla will shutdown services effective July 1, 2014. A month ago, Capital One lost the BestBuy account to Citibank, but unknown to me I had a bill due with no statement reminder or mail. I received an email from Manilla.com informing me that they weren’t …

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