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How Much Will a Well-Insulated House Save You?

A new type of prefabricated “stackable apartments” are being built to help curb the problem of homelessness. In addition to being made with renewable materials, these apartments boast the latest in energy-efficient design. How energy efficient? The special insulated walls are so powerful that the apartments don’t need any extra …

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How to Save on Purchases You've Already Decided to Make

Since returning from my backpacking trip in 2013, I’ve lived a pretty modest and minimalist lifestyle. I haven’t made a purchase that wasn’t absolutely necessary but after 2.5 years it’s becoming a bit of a necessity to replace some worn out clothes and sneakers. In fact, I’m still using the same …

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7 Additional Ways To Save On A Gym Membership

The most common New Year’s resolution you’ll find on almost anyone’s list is to start treating their body better and possibly lose some weight. When people make this resolution, they generally decide to try a crack at it by joining a gym or getting good gear. If you’re making the …

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Is It Wrong to Use a Coupon on the First Date?

A couple days ago I was researching ways to save money on a first date for an upcoming article and stumbled upon this tip — never use a coupon on the first date. Immediately, I thought the tip was outdated — especially since it seems like everyone is interested in saving money. However, after reading the article …

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How To Save On Back-To-School Supplies

Be Mindful and Save on Your Back-to-School Shopping This fall I’ll be joining millions across the US, and in other countries, as I pack my tote bag for my first college class in 2014. I’m going back to school this fall to finish my bachelors in criminology, which I’m insanely …

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