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Spending Habits: Spend to Live – Part II

Our spending habits impact our rationale in making better financial decisions. Read Part I – Spending Habits – How You’ve Spent Your Gross Paycheck Matters Spend to live has been my motto for years. It doesn’t mean spend till you’re drowning in debt. It means prioritizing different types of spending. From …

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You're Finally Debt-Free. Now What?

A friend of mine reached out to me to share some great news. He just got out of debt. This is definitely amazing news and I was excited to hear it. The next question didn’t surprise me when he asked, “What does a person who gets out of debt do …

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The Six Letter Word We Don't Like to Hear

There are words in the English dictionary that just makes us cringe. Spider. Insect. Budget. Yup, budget. Budgets are equivalent to those four letter words we aren’t supposed to say. I am saying it here again…budget. The word budget makes so many people feel uncomfortable because the very idea is contrary to …

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Lifestyle: What Your Holiday Shopping Says About You

You’ve gone through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Whether you shop earlier in the season or like me a last minute online shopper, our holiday shopping habits says a lot about our mindset. Keep in mind when shopping this holiday season to stick within your budget. It’s …

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Manage Money: A review of Mint.com

I first learned of Mint.com back in 2008 and signed up around December of that year. I haven’t been an active user since my credit union began offering a similar service through online banking. I do, however, log into Mint once every other month just to check out any cool …

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