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5 Simple Job Search Tips for the New Year

Immediately after the holidays and into the New Year, many people are looking for new job opportunities. If you’re considering transitioning into a new job, you’re not alone and in a recent Right Management poll, four in five people plan to seek a new job. The economy has improved and …

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Supplement Your Degree With Certifications

I went to a business school for my undergrad, many have. Upon receiving my degree on a stage in front of several thousand, I anticipated eager employers running up to me begging that I choose to work for their company, and no one else’s. Something along the lines of: “Please, …

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7 Employers That Offer Legitimate Work-at-Home Jobs

Millions of people would love to work from home, especially parents with children, college students, and even the elderly. And then there are those who have no overriding reason to work from home, it’s just a work style that they would prefer. One of the big problems in the work-at-home …

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One of the Smartest Things to Do with a Work Bonus

As a freelance web content developer, I don’t have the privilege of getting work bonuses. Unless the owner of a website feels compelled to add a little extra to my check for a job well done – which, by the way, never happens. But if you’re fortunate enough to get profit sharing checks or …

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Staying Positive During A Rough Job Search

Editor Note: Recent news of job growth doesn’t make it any easier to find a job. It’s still quite difficult and takes persistence and planning to get from jobless to employed. It’s important to stay positive and committed to finding a job. You can say it’s a job to find …

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5 Surprising Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

After graduating college, I spent four months working as a temp in the human resources department of a local company. The company was well-known, so we received a lot of resumes each week. The response to job postings were too much for my “temporary boss” to handle alone, and it …

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